For 30 years, Stanley J. Dworak worked in the textile industry as a plant engineer, managing employees and updating the manufacturing control processes as necessary. It was there that he recognized the value of integrating control processes into a packaged system solution. With this vision, he left the textile industry, rented a 6,000 square foot facility, and in 1963 Staneco was open for business.


Stanley J. Dworak founded Staneco. (derived from Stan Electric Controls)


Stanley J. Dworak, Jr. took over Staneco.


Staneco purchased land and a 15,000 square foot building was erected to accommodate company growth and exapansion.


Staneco obtained Underwriters Laboratories UL508A certification.


An addition of 11,000 square feet was added to the building increasing it to 26,000 square feet.


Stanley T. Dworak joined his father, marking three generations of growth.


Staneco became a pioneer implementer of the Allen Bradley automation controller architecture utilizing ControlLogix in one of the very first redundant systems.


Staneco renovated its administrative and engineering offices as well as increasing its testing area to accommodate multiple large scale projects.


Staneco implements SAGE ERP software to increase efficiency.


Staneco acquires Hoffman Steinhauer ModCenter 293, allowing for an even higher level of accuracy in our control panel fabrication, resulting in increased quality and reduced delivery time for our customers.


Since 1963 STANECO Corporation has been a leader in providing automation and manufacturing solutions.

We are poised for the future.