Water Treatment Case Studies

Case Study: Water Treatment and Filtration

New Technology Applied:

  • Wonderware System Platform 2017 R2
  • ControlLogix Redundant PLC System

Project Description/Development:
Client was in need of a Redundant PLC system that incorporated over 200 I/O points for the water Treatment and filtration industry.  All controls needed to be fail-safe.  All motors/pumps were to be integrated over an Ethernet network from an MCC at a remote location.  End user required a very detailed and specific programming method that also required integration with the Plant’s System Platform system.  Historization and specific graphic objects needed to be utilized and accessible at different security access levels throughout the plant. 

Project Outcome/Solution:
Multiple remote ControlLogix PLC racks were implemented with redundant ControlLogix processors.  A device level ring Ethernet network was implemented to eliminate possible communication loss.  All data was recorded and historized through the Wonderware System Platform software.  The control of the system was implemented using a Wonderware Premier Series Industrial computer that was configured on an independent network to reduce Ethernet data transfer speeds.  All motors were controlled via Ethernet with User Defined Function Blocks located on a separate network to allow for better control of the data.  All data traffic was networked through managed switches to prioritize data networking traffic.

Case Study: Chlorine Sanitation System

New Technology Applied:

  • Compact Logix PLC
  • Panelview Plus 7 HMI

Project Description/Development:
Prototype development of a new sanitation system to allow for full customization and configuration of the system via the HMI.  System was to control pump speed and valving configuration to incorporate chemicals to facilitate proper sanitation of water to meet specifications.  Calibration of transmitters and speed controllers to regulate proper flow control to allow constant generation of sanitized water.   

Project Outcome/Solution:
Collaborated with client to develop a fully function system to be sold as a standard product.  System was developed to customized each system via the HMI depending on the various options that were purchased with the product.  Various levels of security were put in place to protect the calibration settings and configuration set points.  Trending and data logging were added to record system .

System has since been implemented across other platforms including Siemens TIA portal via Siemens S7-1200 and Comfort Panel HMI’s.  Future systems to include Modicon PLC’s and HMI systems.

Case Study 105: Polymer Systems Industry Sector: Water Treatment • Polymer Process Machine

New Technology Applied:

  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus HMI

Project Description:
Staneco Corporation designed a control system for polymer mixing machines. Polymer is used in the process to remove particles from both drinking water and treated sewage. The system involved monitoring the level of a polymer tank. When the level dropped to a pre-determined point, a new batch of polymer was added. First water was added to a mixing tank to a pre-determined level. When the tank reached this level, a polymer powder was weighed and added. As the powder was added, a mixer started blending the water and polymer. The pre-determined polymer concentration was calculated. The mixture was then sent to a second mixing tank where more water was added to get the polymer concentration down to the required level. Finally the polymer was pumped into the final polymer tank. The system was set up to operate in two modes, demand batching and bulk batching; each having different control characteristics.

Project Outcome:
System allowed for customization of recipes enabling quality control of the product. HMI alarm indication reduced operator error and increased the machine life cycle.